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Dhruv Rathi Net Worth II How Dhruv Rathi Increase his wealth upto $7 Million

Today we will talk about Dhruv Rathi Net Worth, an India YouTuber, along with this we will talk about his career, family, future, weight, girlfriend, hobbies and also Dhruv Rathi net worth in Rupees, etc.

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Dhruv Rathi Net Worth:

So, according to some reports and research, the net worth of Dhruv Rathi is 6.8 million dollars, which is a huge amount in itself, which is 56 crores in Indian Rupees. Dhruv Rathi is an Indian YouTuber who is known for making vlogging, entertainment, environmental politics, and most of all controversial videos on YouTube.

Dhruv Rathi net worth
Dhurv Rathi net worth

Dhruv Rathi Net Worth

Dhruv Rathi net worth (In Doller) $6.8 Million
Dhruv Rathi net worth (in rupees) 56 Crore+
Dhruv Rathi monthly Income 30 Lakh +
Dhruv Rathi Salary 12Crore+
Dhruv Rathi Income Sources Youtube, Brand Endorsement, Collaboration
Dhruv Rathi Zodiac Sign Libra
Dhruv Rathi Profession Youtuber, Social Activitist,Public Speaker
Dhruv Rathi Age 30


Dhruv Rathi Net worth growth chart

Dhruv Rathi Net Worth according to his year 2019 to 2023:

Dhruv Rathi net worth (2023) $6.8 Million
Dhruv Rathi net worth (2022) $3.6 Million
Dhruv Rathi net worth (2021) $2 Million
Dhruv Rathi net worth (2020) $1 Million
Dhruv Rathi net worth (2019) $700K


Dhruv Rathi Net Worth Growth: Monthly, If we talk about Dhruv Rathi net worth growth on a monthly basis, how much he spends monthly, then in this way.

Dhruv Rathi Net Worth

Dhruv Rathi net worth (October 2021) $32.3K
Dhruv Rathi net worth (November 2021) $29.4K
Dhruv Rathi net worth (December 2021) $17.9K
Dhruv Rathi net worth (January 2022) $18.7K
Dhruv Rathi net worth (February 2022) $44.4K
Dhruv Rathi net worth (March 2022) $28.2K
Dhruv Rathi net worth (April 2022) $25.2K
Dhruv Rathi net worth (May 2022) $44.9K
Dhruv Rathi net worth (June 2022) $54.1K
Dhruv Rathi net worth (July 2022) $54.9K
Dhruv Rathi net worth (August 2022) $43.2K
Dhruv Rathi net worth (September 2022) $63.5K
Dhruv Rathi net worth (October 2022) $50.9K
Dhruv Rathi net worth (November 2022) $70.6K
Dhruv Rathi net worth (December 2022) $51.7K
Dhruv Rathi net worth (January 2023) $33.7K
Dhruv Rathi net worth (February 20223) Waiting


If you also want to know about the net worth of Dhruv Rathi, then you can click on this link. Dhruv Rathi net worth ( Social Blade)

Dhruv Rathee net worth: Sources of income

Dhruv Rathi net worth and his sources of income: Now let’s talk about the sources of earning of Dhruv Rathi that what are his sources and which are the sources from which he generates so much income.

  1. Youtube: The first source of Dhruve Rathi income is YouTube revenue, from where he generates income through ads coming on his videos.
  2. Brand Endorsement: Now let’s talk about brand endorsement, because Dhruv Rathi is a famous YouTuber, so many brands contact him to promote their products, for which he charges well.
  3. Books Sales: Book selling is also one of their earning sources, many of you would not know that Dhruve Rathi is also a writer whose book is also available on Amazon and his online platform, which is called “Fake News and Propaganda”.
  4. Donation: This is also the source of his earning, which his fans donate to him in some of his favarite  videos, which we call crowdfunding.
  5. Speaking Engagement: Dhruv Rathi is also called in many shows, events and conferences where he motivates the youth and from here also he earns a lot of money.
  6. Investment: Investment is also a source of Dhruv Rathi earning where he earns his money by investing in mutual funds and shares of some big companies.
  7. Merchandise: Dhruv Rathi also earns through merchandise on his website and YouTube channel, where he sells T-shirts, stickers, mugs, which earns him money.
  8. Consulting: Being a Social Media Influencer, Dhruv Rathi also provides consultancy services to some businesses and individuals for which he charges a lot.
  9. Affiliate Marketing: You all know about affiliate marketing, it is the major source of earning of every influencer, from where they get a lot of earning.
  10. Sponsership: Sponsorship in which companies ask you to do videos and posts for their products on social media platforms for which they charge handsomely.

Here are some other sources which help to increase Dhruv Rathi income and Dhruv Rathi net worth.

  • Crowdfunding
  • Tv Appearence
  • Social Media Management
  • Public Speaking  Podcasts
  • Articles Writing
  • Grants
  • Investments
  • Online Courses


Dhruv Rathee with his mom in dewali puja

Dhruv Rathi Net Worth: Career

  • Now let’s talk about Dhruv Rathi career, then Dhruv Rathi completed his master’s degree from Germany, after that he came to India and after coming to India opened his YouTube channel 2014 where Dhruv Rathi upload vlogging videos but later He started providing videos on renewable energy, pollution, climate change, sustainability, and environmentalism on his channel.
  • After this Dhruv Rathi started making videos on social, politics, corruption, communalism, nationalism and government policies which people were liking a lot.
  • Along with YouTube, Dhruv Rathi is also involved in social and environmental causes. Where Dhruv Rathi works on air pollution, climate change and renewable energy, Dhruv Rathi also promotes campaigns related to sustainable living and reducing waste.
  • Dhruv Rathi has earned a lot of reputation in the Indian media today for his political commentary, investigative journalism, and views on environmental activism and also Dhruv Rathi exposed a fake news industry in one of his videos.

Dhruv Rathee Net Worth II ( $500 )How Dhruv Rathee earn lof of money from single videos

  • As of today Dhruv Rathee channel has 10M subscribers and 525 videos are blocked from upload.
    Along with YouTube, Dhruv Rathee is also active on other social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, where he has many followers.
  • Dhruv Rathee has been honored with several awards in his illustrious career, one of which was the YouTube Silver Play Button for completing 100,000 subscribers and the Global Indian Influencer Award from Economic Times is another.

Dhruv Rathi Net Worth: Personal Life

Dhruv Rathi Net Worth: Early Life and Education

  • Dhruv Rathi was born on October 8, 1994 in Faridabad district of Haryana and completed his schooling in Faridabad itself, after school Dhruv Rathi took admission in IIt Delhi.
Dhruv Rathi house image
Dhruv Rathi net worth
  • After taking admission in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Delhi, Dhruv Rathee started getting a lot of interest in renewable energy and sustainability and he thought of taking a master’s degree in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management itself, after which Dhruv Rathee did his graduation from Germany’s University of Freiburg. Master’s degree complete.
  • When Dhruv Rathe returned to India after completing his master’s degree, he opened a YouTube channel where he used to upload videos related to renewable energy and environmental sustainability.
  • After this, he also started uploading videos on social and political commentary, investigative journalism and activism, which people liked very much.

Dhruv Rathi Net Worth: Family

Now let’s talk about Dhruv Rathee family, let’s know who all are in his family.

  • Dhruv Rathee Father: Dhruv Rathi’s father name is Anand Rathi who is a lawyer with money and is also involved in social and environmental issues, Dhruv Rathi once said in his video that his father is an inspiration to him.
  • Dhruv Rathee Mother: Dhruv Rathi mother name is Vasundhara Rathi, she is also a social worker but there is not much information about her but she also supports Dhruv a lot.
  • Dhruv Rathee Sister: Dhruv Rathi has a younger sister named Disha Rathee, Disha Rathi has kept her profile so secret that much of her information is not available but Dhruv Rathi had mentioned in one of his videos that his sister is pursuing a fashion design course.
  • Dhruv Rathee Wife: Dhruv Rathi wife name is Julie Labar, she is a foreigner, a resident of Germany or after being in a relationship for a long time, both of them got married on 24 November 2021 at the Belvedere Palace in Vienna.
Dhruv Rathi wedding image
Dhruv Rathi net worth


Dhruv Rathee Biography

Dhruv Rathe Name Dhruv Rathee
Dhruv Rathi Nick Name Dhruv
Dhruv Rath Date Of Birth 8 October 1994
Dhruv Rathi Age 29 Years old
Dhruv Rathi Birth Place Haryana, India
Dhruv Rathi Nationality Haryana, India
Dhruv Rathi Religion Hinduism
Dhruv Rathi Zodiac Sign Libra
Dhruv Rathi Profession Youtuber, Social Activitist, Public Speaker
Dhruv Rathi Education Graduate from Karlsruhe Institue of Technology, Germany
Dhruv Rathi Height 6 feet 1 inches
Dhruv Rathi Weight 79 kg
Dhruv Rathi Hair Colour Black
Dhruv Rathi Eye Colour Black
Dhruv Rathi Marital Status Married
Dhruv Rathi Wife Juli Lbr
Dhruv Rathi Marriage Place Vienna
Dhruv Rathi Marriage Date 24 November 2021
Dhruv Rathi Food Habbit Vegetarian
Dhruv Rathi Net Worth $7 M
Dhruv Rathi Hometown Delhi
Dhruv Rathi lives in Germany
Dhruv Rathi Caste Jatt
Dhruv Rathi Political Inclination Liberal and Centrist
Dhruv Rathi School Cbse School Haryana
Dhruv Rathi Education Bachler Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Master Degree in Renewable Energy Engineering

Dhruv Rathi Net Worth: Social Media Handles

How active Dhruv Rathee is on his social profiles can be known through the link given below, in this we have given the links of his followers including his three YouTube channels, Twitter, Instagram Facebook page and Telegram.

Handle Name Subscriber Videos/Post Handle
Dhruv Rathee 10.1M 525 Youtube
Dhruv Rathee Vlogs 1.73M 181 Youtube
Dhruv Rathee Shorts 1.92M 189 Youtube
Dhruv Rathee 1.3M 549 Instagram
Dhruv Rathee 1.5M Twitter
Dhruv Rathee 1.8M Facebook
Dhruv Rathee 32.8K Telegram



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FAQ About Dhruv Rathi Net Worth

Who is Dhruv Rathi?
Ans. Dhruv Rathi is indian youtube who born in October 8, 1994 in Faridabad district of Haryana after graduation he start his youtube channel and make videos on controvery topics like politics, economics, society, history etc.
What is the height of Dhruv Rathi?
Ans. Dhruv Rathi is 6 feet and 1 inch tall.
How many subscribers does Dhruv Rathi have on his YouTube channel?
Ans. 10.1 Million subscribers In his official youtube channel in time.
What are Dhruv Rathi’s hobbies?
Ans. If we talk about Dhruv Rathi hobbies than he is like Photography, Travelling, Adventure Reading books, Watching Movies and webseries and also time spent with his family.
How much Dhruv Rathee earns per month?
Ans. According to some analysis Dhruv Rathee earns per month minimum 30-35 lakh.
What is the Dhruv Rathi net worth in doller?
Ans. Dhruv Rathi net worth is 6.8 Million doller.
What is the Dhruv Rathi net worth in Rupees?
Ans. Dhruv Rathi net worth is approximately 56 Crore.
Who is the GF of Dhruv Rathee?
Ans. Jullian Lbr, Now She is the wife of Dhruv Rathee.
Is Dhruv Rathee wife German?
Ans. Yes Dhruv Rathee wife Jullian is a German person.

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