Top50 Richest Gaming Youtuber In India 2023 Part-1 »

Top50 Richest Gaming Youtuber in India 2023 Part-1

Today we talk about Top 50 Richest Gaming YouTuber in India in which we will know the real name, monthly salary, subscribers and total net worth of those gamers. Below is the list of top 50 gamers who upload gaming videos. In this list of ours, along with the streamers, some such gamers have also been included in the list, who do not only play gaming but also give information related to gaming, in this list of top 50 gamers, we have given gamers a list of their subscribers. Counting has been given accordingly, hope you will like this list of ours.

Top50 Richest Indian Gamer list

Top 18 Richest Gaming Youtuber in India

 Youtube Channel  Name  Net Worth  Salary  Subscribers
Total Gaming Ajay 18.  Crore 18 Lakh 35.3 Million
Techno Gamerz Ujjawal Chourasia 20.0 Crore 20 Lakh 34.1 Million
As Gaming Sahil Raana 15.0 Crore 14 Lakh 19.6 Million
Lokesh Gamer Lokesh Raj Singh 16.0 Crore 17 Lakh 15.3 Million
Gyan Gaming Sujan Mistry 13.5 Crore 12 Lakh 14.4 Million
Desi Gamers Amit Sharma 14.8 Crore 13 Lakh 13.6 Million
Mythpat Mithilesh Patankar 16.2 Crore 15 Lakh 13.6 Million
Two Sides Gamer Ritik Jain 16.0 Crore 15 Lakh 12.0 Million
Carry is Live Ajay Nagar 40.0 Crore 20 Lakh 11.8 Million
Live Insaan Nischay Malhan 17.0 Crore 15 Lakh 11.9 Million
Dynamo Gaming Aditya Sawant 22.0 Crore 21 Lakh 10.1 Million
Badge 99 Bharat Singh 13.0 Crore 9   Lakh 9.58 Million
Chapati Hindustani Gamers Pammy Singh 41.0 Crore 25 Lakh 8.30 Million
Ungraduate Gamers Ayush Dubey 20.0 Crore 15 Lakh 8.04 Million
Assassins Army Nayan Raju Shelke 10 Crore 15 Lakh 7.98 Million
Helping Gamers Sarafaraz Ahamad 5   Crore 6   Lakh 7.82 Million
Hindustani Gamer Loggy Pammi Singh 45 Crore 12 Lakh 7.26 Million
Raistar Swami Koragajja 10 Crore 10 Lakh 7.22 Million


1. Total Gaming: Total Gaming is the largest gaming YouTube channel in India as well as Asia, this YouTube channel currently has 35 Million subscribers, Total Gaming YouTuber’s real name is Ajay, his fans also know him as Ajju Bhai, with Ajay also has a YouTube channel with a named Ajju bhai and have 641k subscribers.

talking about total net worth of total gaming, ajju bhai net worth is around 20 crores, this is an estimate we got from online resources, and ajju bhai through all his resources 15 lakh to 20 Earn lakhs monthly. Total Gaming has not yet revealed its face, while it has been active on YouTube for the past several years, Ajju Bhai started his YouTube career from 2 December 2018.

Total Gaming Net Worth

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2. Techno Gamerz: Techno Gamers This is India’s second largest gaming youtuber with 33.7 million subscribers on his channel, Techno Gamers name is Ujjwal Chourasia, his fan following is so huge that every video gets millions of views in few hours. In 2021, one of his songs was also released by the name of Games On, which has 85 million views, Ujjwal Chourasia has 3 more YouTube channels with millions of subscribers, Techno Gamers was formed in 2017, the net worth of Techno Gamers is around 15 crores and this 20 Lakhs monthly, and very soon Ujjwal’s net worth will increase even more as Ujjwal is not just focusing on gaming and is also focusing on other business.

Techno Gamerz Net Worth

3. As Gaming: As Gaming This is India’s third largest gaming YouTuber with 19.5 million subscribers on its channel, As Gaming is run by two brothers named Sahil Rana and Akash Rana, their fan base is so huge that every video is uploaded within a few hours it get millions of views. Apart from this, As Gaming has 5 more YouTube channels with millions of subscribers, As Gaming was created in 2016, As Gaming net worth is around 15 crores and it earns 15 to 20 lakhs monthly, and very soon As Gaming’s net worth is even more Will increase more because Sahil Rana is not only focusing on gaming, he is also focusing on other business.

As Gaming Net Worth

4. Lokesh Gamer: Lokesh Gamer This is India’s fourteenth largest Indian gaming YouTuber with 15.3 million subscribers on his channel, Lokesh Gamer’s real name is Lokesh Raj Singh and he runs his own YouTube channel, the number of his fans is so large that his Every video gets millions of views in a few hours. Apart from this, Lokesh Gamar also runs 5 more YouTube channels which have millions of subscribers, Lokesh Gamar was created in 2018, Lokesh Gamar’s net worth is around 13.5 crores and Lokesh Gamar earns around 15 to 20 lakhs monthly, and Very soon the net worth of Lokesh Gamer will increase even more because Lokesh Raj is not only focusing on gaming, he is also focusing on other platforms. And sponsorships like Amazon TV’s show Playground Mini are becoming active on many other platforms.

Lokesh Gamer Net WOrth

5. Gyan Gaming: Gyan Gaming is counted among the gamers in India whose Free Fire streaming is very high on YouTube channel and they get an average of 100k views per stream video, Gyan Gaming currently has 14.4 million subscribers and Gyan Gaming was formed in the year 2017 , Gyan Gaming real name is Suvan Mistry, he is from Kolkata and speak good Bengali and Gyan Gaming earn 12 lakhs monthly from his gaming videos and Gyan Gaming net worth is 13.5 crores. Most of Gyan Gaming’s earning is from Adsense, but along with Adsense, Gyan Gaming also gets many big sponsorships, apart from Gyan Gaming, Swollen Mistry has another YouTube channel called gyansujan is live, which currently has 1.24 million subscribers.

Gyan Gaming Net Worth

6. Desi Gamers: Desi gamers are counted among those gamers who bring life to the video with their epic comedy, many people like Desi gamers and their way of playing, Desi gamers mostly play Free Fire, BGMI, Minecraft, Desi gamers Has 13.5 million subscribers all this time and has millions of views on every video, Desi Gamar’s real name is Amit Sharma and his fans fondly call him Amit Bhai, Amit Sharma’s Desi Gamar Ke Alawa and 3 other YouTube channels Hai, Desi Army, Amit Sharma and Dj Shorts, Amit Sharma also released a stream video song named Ek Sapne on 30 September 2022 which was liked by 1.3 million people, Desi Gamers Monthly 12-15 Lakh Earns Rs and the net worth of the desi gamer is 14.8 crores.

Desi Gamers Net Worth

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7. Mythpat: Another famous YouTuber and popular gamer among youth of India whose channel name is Mythpat, Mythpat is a gamer and also uploads videos of roasting, Mythpat real name is Mithilesh Patankar, he was born on 16 January 1998 in a Mumbai. Was born in a Hindu family. Mythpat currently has 13.5 million subscribers and Mythpat channel was created in the year 2018, Mythpat videos get millions of views, talk about Mythpat salary and net worth, Mythpat monthly earns around 12 to 15 lacs and Mythpat net worth are 16.2 crores. This is an estimated amount, so Mythpat income may be more than this as Mythpat may have taken sponsorship along with gaming and now Mythpat earnings will increase further as now Mythpat wife Urmila Patankar’s earnings will also be counted along with them.

Mythpat Net Worth

8. Two Sides Gamers: TSG i.e. Two Side Gamers was the first YouTube channel started by two brothers, Two Side Gamers was started by Ritik Jain and his cousin brother Jash Jain, Ritik Jain was born on 31 December 2000 in Mumbai and both started his youtube journey only after Pass 12th Class and both have been able to make this gaming channel so big because their fans love their comedy and gaming skills, this time two side gamers have 12 million subscribed, this Along with the gaming channel, both run 3 more channels which have millions of subscribers, if we talk about the net worth and monthly salary of two side gamers, then the net worth of two side gamers should be 16 crores and the Monthly salary of two side gamers should be Rs 16 lakhs.

Two Side Gamer Net Worth

9. Carry is Live: Carry Is Live is a huge gaming channel with 11.8 million subscribers. This channel belongs to India’s number 1 youtuber Carry Minati. Carry Minati’s real name is Ajay Nagar. He was born on 12 June 1999 in Ajay Nagar, Faridabad district of Haryana. Ajay Nagar’s official YouTube channel is CarryMinati with 38.9 million subscribers, CarryMinati’s fan following has grown tremendously after his video song Yalgar Yalgar currently has 38 million views, 1.8 million likes and 17 million comments. Talking about Carry Minati net worth and salary, Carry Minati earns 20 lakh rupees monthly and 5 crore rupees annually, Carry Minati net worth is 40 crores, you can guess the fan following of Carry Minati from this. On one of his sayings, 14 lakh rupees were collected on his stream for the injured in the Odisha train accident.

Carryminati Net Worth

10. Live Insaan: LiveInsane is a huge gaming channel with 10.2 million subscribers. This channel belongs to India’s no 1 roaster Trigger Insaan. The real name of the Trigger Insaan is Nischay Malhan. He was born on 14 November 1995 in Delhi. LiveInsaan Official YouTube Channel Insaan is Triggered Insaan with 18.3 million subscribers, LiveInsaan mostly streaming horror and action games and uploading videos on his gaming channel, his Speaking is so loved by his fans thats why he become more popular in youth. Also Triggered Insaan is an op roaster, he uploads roastings videos on his official Youtube channel and he is also a judge on Playground Mini Season 2. Talking about the net worth and salary of Live Insan, Live Insan earns Rs 15 lakhs monthly and Rs 3 crores annually from his videos. The triggered insaan net worth is Rs 17 crore rupees.

Triggered Insaan Net Worth

11. Dynamo Gaming: There is another famous gamer and youtuber named Dynamo Gaming who has 10 Million subscribers on his channel Dynamo Gaming real name is Aditya Sawant. Aditya Sawant was born on 18 april 1996 in Mumbai Dynamo Gaming mostly uploading Videos on his gaming channel like pubg, Free Fire and Bgmi, Dynamo Gaming is a skilled gamer and his fans love his videos a lot, Apart from Dynamo Gaming, he also has a youtube channel of Dyano Vlogs which has 566k subscribers and Aditya Sawant mostly uploads his daily life videos and vlogs on this channel. If we talk about the net worth and monthly income of Dynamo Gaming, then Dynamo Gaming earns Rs 21 lakhs in a month and Rs 4 crores in a year, the net worth of Dynamo Gaming is Rs 22 crore rupees.

Dynamo Gaming Net Worth

12. Badge99: Badge99 real name is Bharat Singh, who has 9.56 million subscribers, Badge99’s YouTube channel was created in the year 2016, Badge99 was one of those gamers who never revealed his face, but 5 months ago, Badge99 did a face reveal by making a perfect video script which has got 8.4 million views. Apart from badge99, Bharat Singh has another youtube channel called badge 99live and at this time there are 1.6 million subscribers on that channel. Badge99 earn 7 to 8 lakh rupay per month and 4 crore annualy and Badge99 net worth is 13 crore rupees.

Badge99 Net Worth

13. Chapati Hindustani Gamers: Chapati Hindustani Gamers real name is Pammi Singh and he lives in United Kingdom. Pammi Singh was born on 1st January 1988. Chapati Hindustani Gamers is a Nri Indian who plays Pubg, Free Fire, Minecraft, GTA-5 and upload his videos on his youtube channel, along with Chapati Hindustani Gamars, he also have many other YouTube channels like Hindustani Gamar Loggy, Mosambi, Churan, Jai Hindi Gaming etc. And all of these have millions of subscribers, talk about the net worth and salary of Chapati Hindustani Gamers, then Chapati Hindustani Gamers earn 25 lakhs monthly and the net worth of Chapati Hindustani Gamers is 41 crores.

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14. Ungraduate Gamers: In the world of gaming, there is a young gamer named Ayush Dubey, he has his own gaming channel called Ungraduate Gamer. Ayush Dubey was born in Delhi in 2001 and Ayush Dubey created his channel on 23rd June 2018, Gamer uploads videos like PUBG, BGMI Free Fire in his youtube channel. He has 8.02 million subscribers on his channel, as well as two more YouTube channels Ninja Ug Vlogs, and Ug Empire and both have millions of subscribers, Ayush Dubey is a skilled gamer and has participated in several esports, let’s talk about net worth and salary of Ungraduate Gamer, then Ungraduate Gamer earns 15 lakh rupees per month from his gaming videos, and net worth of undergraduate Gamer is 20 crores.

Ungraduate Gamer Net Worth

15. Assassins Army: Nayan Raju Shelke, today we know him as Assassins Army, his gaming channel is one of the biggest fan following channel, he currently has 7.98 million subscribers on his channel, Assassins Army created his channel on 16 Nov 2019, Nayan Raju Shelke also has his own channel. He has his own vlog channel where he uploads his daily vlog videos and he has 3.49 million subscribers on this channel, let’s talk about Assassins Army net worth and Assassins Army monthly salary, Assassins Army earn 12 to 15 lakh rupees monthly. And the net worth of Assassins Army is 10 Crore in indian rupees, and the net worth of Nayan Raju Shelke is 12 Crore in indian rupees and Nayan Raju Shelke earns 18 to 19 lakh rupees per month through both of his channels and sponsorship.

Assassins Army Net Worth

16. Helping Gamers: Sarfaraz Ahmed whom we also know as “Helping Gamer”, he also uploads or streaming videos of his gaming channel like Free Fire, Pubg, Bgmi, Minecraft, and in time his channel has 7.8 million subscribers or Sarfaraz ahamad has started his channel on 3rd April 2018, Sarfaraz Ahmed is a skilled gamer, his gaming video has millions of views and Sarfaraz ahanad also has a vlog channel called “Mask Boy Vlog” in addition to “Heaping Gamer”, talk about Helping Gamer net worth or monthly salary then Sarfaraz Ahmed earns 5 to 6 lakh rupees from his gaming channel “Helping Gamer” or Helping Gamer net worth is 5 crore rupees.

17. Hindustani Gamer Loggy: Hindustani gamer logi whose full name is pammi singh is from punjab, india but currently lives in newport wales he is also a gamer or uploads videos like minecraft, granny or racing game on his youtube channel but he Has not uploaded single videos on this channel in few months, whether he has 7.26 million subscribers on his channel and his channel was created on 2nd September 2018, and he has also 4 other channels with it, like “Chapati Hindustani Gamer” whose is 8.3 million subscribers, “Churan” 2.07 Million subscribers, “Mosambi” 1.92 million subscribers If we talk about net worth of Hindustani Gamer Loggy or salary of Hindustani Indian Gamer then he earn 12 Lakh Rupees monthly from Hindustani Indian Gamer’s channel and HIndustani Gamer Loggy net worth is approximately 45 Crores in Indian rupees.

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18. Raistar: Raistar is a popular gamer among Indian youth, his gaming skills are quite impressive and along with this, Raistar has also collaborated with many big gamers and influencers like Total Gaming, Techno Gamers etc, Raister is also called his another name Hacker by the his haters, Raistar mostly uploaded videos of Free Fire on his youtube channel, Raistar real name is Akshay and at this time Raistar channel has 7.22 million subcribers, Raister is one of those gamers who has not revealed his face but very soon Raister has to reveal his face, if we talk about Raister YouTube channels, there are 4 more other than his Raister, such as Rai Live, Rai Plays, Toxic Rai, and Vishwas Rai and all YouTube channels have millions of subscribers, talk Regarding Raster’s earning, Raster earns 10 to 15 lakhs monthly, and Raster net worth at this time is Rs 10 crores.

Raistar Net Worth

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