How Sunil Minglani Net Worth Increase At Over $100 Million »

How Sunil Minglani Net Worth Increase at over $100 Million

Sunil Minglani Net Worth: Today we will talk about a school teacher who left his job and started teaching online and made it a full time profession and his name is Sunil Minglani and today we discuss Sunil Minglani net worth, Sunil Mingalni Age, Sunil Minglani Course, Sunil Minglani Wife, Sunil Minglani Companies etc. Sunil Minglani is a well-known Stock Market Educator, Motivational Speaker and Youtuber of India, he has his own youtube channel by the name of Sunil Minglani and earlier Sunil Minglani was a teacher but then Sunil Minglani started taking online stock marketing classes And opened his YouTube channel where he shares his stock market knowledge and information.

Sunil Minglani Net Worth:

Talking about Sunil Minglani net worth than Sunil Minglani net worth is mostly increased from his investments, online classes and trading. Sunil Minglani is involved in trading and share market from last 27-28 years and has also taken interviews of big investors, stock marketers, and educators. Sunil Minglani net worth is $40 million.

Sunil Minglani Net Worth In Rupees:

Sunil Minglani is a great stock market educator of India, who provides his students with complete knowledge related to share market, trading, intraday, stocks, if Sunil Minglani net worth is calculated in rupees, then Sunil Minglani net worth in rupees is approximately 140 Crore+.

Sunil Minglani Net Worth: Income

Sunil Minglani income: Talking about Sunil Minglani income, than Sunil Minglani income comes from different places such as YouTube, he has 3 YouTube channels, Stock Market Advisor, Seminars, Events, Trading, Investments in Share Market, Personal Coaching and Courses etc. Sunil Minglani earns from all these places which is the reason for Sunil Minglani net worth increased and Sunil Minglani monthly income ranges from approximately 60 Lakhs to 2.5 Crores+.

Sunil Minglani Net Worth Sources:

There are many sources of Sunil Minglani Income and earning which increase Sunil Minglani income and earning so much and today we will talk about some of these sources which is also increase Sunil Minglani net worth.

Sunil Minglani net worth sources
Sunil Minglani Net Worth
  1. YouTube Ads
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Courses and Seminars
  4. Books and DVDs
  5. Consultancy and Advisory Services
  6. Sponsorships and Brand Deals
  7. Investment Portfolio
  8. Guest Speaking Engagements
  9. Online Courses and Memberships
  10. Advertising on His Website
  11. Sunil Minglani Apps
  • YouTube Ads: Sunil Minglani also generates a lot of earning through YouTube ads, he has 3 YouTube channels, one of which has 1.36 million subscribers, where he shares knowledge of share market, trading, intraday or investment this is one of the main reason increased Sunil Minglani net worth.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Sunil Minglani also earns a good amount of money from affiliate marketing, sharing any product and service related to trading and share market (eg. brokerage app, angle one, grow) and earns commission from them, this program also increases the net worth of Sunil Minglani.
  • Courses and Seminars: Sunil Minglani also earn from his courses and seminars and he organizes many seminars and earns money from there in the form of fees, and along with this, he also sells his stock market, trading, and investment courses to increase Sunil Minglani net worth.
  • Books and DVDs: Sunil Minglani has written many books related to stock market, trading, intraday and investment courses in his career, along with this, Minglani has also made DVD files of his course, which he earns by selling. This also increases the net worth of Sunil Minglani. Here are some of Sunil Minglani books, you will find all these books on the e-commerce website Amazon in both Hindi and English languages.
    1. The Secrets to Success in the Stock Market.
    2. Stock Market Investing Made Easy.
    3. How to Invest in the Stock Market.
    4. Stock Market Technical Analysis Simplified.
    5. Wealth Creation by Investing in Stock Market.
  • Consultancy and Advisory Services: Sunil Minglani has been in the share market and trading field for 27-28 years and is a successful stock marketer analysis, along with this, Sunil Minglani also provides his consultancy and advisory services to many companies and individuals related to stock market, trading investing For which it charges a lot and its a main sources to increased Sunil Minglani net worth so much. This is the service provided by Sunil Minglani.
    1. portfolio management.
    2. Investment planning.
    3. Trading Strategies.
    4. Education and Training.
  • Sponsorships and Brand Deals: Sunil Minglani collaborates with many big brands to promote their products and services related to stock market, trading, and investment on their YouTube channel, website, apps and social media accounts, for which he charge a lot and the brands agree to give him that amount, which is also increased Sunil Minglani net worth.
  • Investment Portfolio: This is a kind of collection where you can start your savings and this savings gradually accumulates in the form of investment in dividend, there is less chance of losing it in share market and trading, and Sunil Minglani has also bought many shares from the companies and they are earning in the form of dividend which is increased Sunil Minglani net worth.
    There are some principles of Sunil Minglani that you should also adopt if you want to become a successful trader.
    1. Diversification.
    2. Risk tolerance.
    3. Asset allocation.
    4. Long-term focus.
    5. Regular rebalancing.
  • Guest Speaking Engagements: Sunil Minglani is called as a guest speaker in many events, seminars, and conferences to tell on stock market, trading, investments, and real estate, for which he charges a lot.
  • Online Courses and Memberships: Sunil Minglani tells about many courses in his seminars and events which are related to stock market, trading or investment and the price of these courses has to be deposited in one time or they have to be subscribed.
  • Advertising on His Website: Sunil Minglani also has his own website where the links of his online courses and books are available and along with this Sunil Minglani has also monetized his website so that ads run on his website and earning depends on it. On the traffic coming to Sunil Minglani’s website, he will be earning accordingly.
  • Apps: Keeping his courses in mind, Sunil Minglani has developed many apps where students can get information related to stock market, trading, and investing, and Sunil Minglani is earning through these apps as well.
    These are their apps from which you can get stock market and trading information.
    1. Learn App by Sunil Minglani
    2. Trade App by Sunil Minglani
    3. Stock Market Dictionary by Sunil Minglani
    4. Portfolio Manager App by Sunil Minglani
    5. Sunil Minglani YouTube Channel App

Sunil Minglani Net Worth: Course

Sunil Minglani Course: being a successful trader, market analysis knows what type of knowledge he should impart to his students and that’s why he has also launched many courses which are related to stock market, trading, real estate and investments and these courses are very expensive.

Sunil Minglani Courses lecturer videos
Sunil Minglani Net Worth

Sunil Minglani Course Fees: Most of the courses of Sunil Minglani remain high price because their courses are valuable content and knowledgable, and out of these some courses of Sunil Minglani are in the list with their price.

Course Price
Master Trader Online 25200
Online Technical Analysis Program For Beginners 9999
Validity Extension Pack for Online TA Program 4500
Trade Smart 13000
Millionaire Trader Program 75000
Stock Market Magic 3999
Investing in Stock Markets 2999
Value Investing 5000
Options Trading 8999
Technical Analysis 7000
Mastering Trading Psychology 6999
Momentum Trading 8999
Cryptocurrency Trading 10999
Fundamental Analysis 7999
Advanced Technical Analysis 10999


Sunil Minglani MT Course Fee: Sunil Minglani MT course fee is 25200 but MT course fee can be increased by his team when the time comes, in Sunil Minglani MT course you will get live recorded classes, stable content and many other benefits.

Sunil Miglani Course Review: All the courses started by Sunil Minglani and the people who bought those courses got mostly positive reviews and along with that other stock market teachers also gave positive reviews of the courses. Sunil Minglani courses are mostly easy to read and understand and because of this his courses are accessible for a lifetime, and Sunil Minglani courses are practical as well. And these are the reviews of some of their courses given by their readers and teachers.

  • Comprehensive and Practical:
  • Easy to understand:
  • Value for Money:
  • Supportive Community:
  • Lifetime Access:
  • Practical Insights:
  • Customizable:
  • Interactive:
  • Continuous learning:
  • Experienced Instructor:

Sunil Minglani Tools and strategies: Sunil Minglani had created some tools and strategies keeping in mind his traders, students and investors, which can help people in the stock market and trading, we will talk about some of these tools and his strategies.

  • SM calculator: SM calculator is a calculator that allows investors and traders to calculate their risk and reward ratio through the spreadsheet of their stock market, this makes it very easy for investors and traders to measure their losses.
  • Golden Gate strategy: The Golden Gate Strategy is designed by Sunil Minglani, this strategy is based on technical analysis and helps traders and investors to identify trending stocks in the stock market and at the time of trading.
  • Market profile: The concept of Market Profile Chart is based on Time Price Opportunity, Sunil Minglani unravels the stock market with the help of tools and this tool is very beneficial for investors and traders.

Sunil Minglani Course Download Free: Sunil Minglani is one of the best stock marketer, along with this, his courses are also considered the best in market, in which he shares his years of experience related to stock market and trading, that’s why everyone wants to download his courses for free, who do not have money because his almost courses price range are very high. And if you also want to download Sunil Minglani courses for free from the internet, then you can download Sunil Minglani course for free.

Sunil Minglani Contact: If you want Sunil Minglani trading and stock market advice and consultancy and or you want coaching, then you can contact Sunil Minglani official website by going to the contact details and then he will try to contact you as soon as possible.

  • Sunil Minglani Contact Number: 91-8882424222 , +91 9711830634
  • Sunil Minglani Whatsapp Number: +91-8585954095
  • Sunil Minglani Mail Id:
  • Sunil Minglani Contact WebsiteSunil Minglani Contact

Sunil Minglani Net Worth: Sunil Minglani Portfolio

Sunil Minglani Portfolio Assests
Sunil Minglani net Worth


Sunil Minglani is a successful investor in the trading and stock marketing line and he has also mentioned many of his investment portfolios in his videos but has not explained in much detail, Sunil Minglani believes that we should invest in companies with strong growth rates. Also we should invest for long term so that the chances of loss are less and also we shoul

Here are some key assest of Sunil Minglani Portfolio strategies.

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Diversification
  • Long-Term Approch
  • Risk Management
  • Continues Learning

Sunil Minglani Youtube Video: Sunil Minglani is a huge YouTuber having 1.36 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Sunil Minglani in his YouTube videos covers topics related to Trading, Stock Market, and his videos are very informative, so his viewers also wait for the videos While doing this, Sunil Minglani uploads daily videos on his YouTube channel.
Some of his topics which he has already covered and will keep coming up with new topics from time to time for his viewers.

  • How to select stocks for intraday trading
  • 10 Golden Rules of Stock Trading
  • How to read stock charts
  • How to identify market trends
  • Stock Market Crash 2020: What to do now

SM Bulletin:

Sunil Minglani has created a membership program for his students and participants which he named as SM Bulletin, this is a kind of newsletter service which is very helpful for his students and participants, this Sm Bulletin is divided into 2 parts, one is SM Bulletin lite and the other is the SM Bulletin premium version. This is also Sunil Minglani net worth increased sources.

The price range of Sum Bulletin is divided into 4 parts which are as follows.

SM Bulletin Lite Price in INR SM Bulletin Premium Price in INR
Monthly 12,600 Monthly 15,300
Quartly 27,900 Quartly 36,000
Half-Yearly 55,800 Half-Yearly 72,000
Yearly 1,11,600 Yearly 1,44,000


Sunil Minglani SM Bulletin newsletter and his price
Sunil Minglani Net Worth

Comparison Between SM Bulletin Lite and Premium

Here are the comparison between on SM Bulletin lite and SM Bulletin Premium now you can choose your choice between them with your time

Features SM Bulletin Lite SM Bulletin Premium
Nifty & Bank Nifty Overview Yes Yes
Important Weekly Levels Yes Yes
International Indices Yes No
Important Data Points Yes Yes
Latest News Analysis Yes Yes
SM’s Conclusion Yes No
Highlighted Sector No Yes
Highlighted Stocks No Yes
SM’s Final Conclusion No Yes


Sunil Minglani Net Worth: Sunil Minglani Biography

Sunil Minglani: Sunil Minglani is a well-known educator in India, he has 27 to 28 years of experience in the stock market and trading field, Sunil Minglani was born on 20 November 1973 in a poor family, his family was from Delhi India.

Sunil Minglani Career: Sunil Minglani started his career in the stock market from the age of 17 only, Sunil Minglani started working as a stockbroker from the year 1990 and after that he made his passion a full time job and Became a full-time trader and investor.

Sunil Minglani had taken good knowledge and experience in the stock market with his hard work, after which his name became popular in the Indian community as well.

And after that in 2008, Sunil Minglani opened his YouTube channel, where Sunil Minglani started uploading videos related to stock market and trading, his videos became so popular at that time that his followers were continues increase, after which Sunil Minglani Organized many workshops and seminars and gave information related to stock market.

Sunil Minglani is also liked by his followers because of his method of teaching is easy to understand, there is no problem in understanding it, he explains the hard concepts of the stock market and trading very easily and in simple words, which is helps his traders, students, and investors improve his performance.

Sunil Minglani Wife: Sunil Minglani keeps uploading his photos with his wife on his many social media accounts, but never allowed his wife’s name or his family name to be highlighted, that’s why there is no information.

Sunil Minglani with his wife
Sunil Minglani Net Worth


Sunil Minglani Age: Sunil Minglani was born on 20 November 1973 in a poor family in Delhi, the capital of India, and looking forward to Sunil Minglani today, Sunil Minglani has completed 49 years, and in these years Sunil Minglani has reached a very high level in his career. He is become a successful trader an investor in India.

Sunil Minglani Qualification: Sunil Minglani has completed his education from a university in Delhi, he obtained a commerce degree from this university, and after that Sunil Minglani started working as a stock broker in many companies and as time passed, Sunil Minglani increased his knowledge and skills. Also kept on increasing and emerged as a successful stock marketer and trader of India.

Sunil Minglani’s contributions to the Finance Industry

Sunil Minglani is known for his knowledge and teaching methods in the stock market and trading industry. He is a successful trader in India and Sunil Minglani has made many contributions to the Indian finance industry, which are as follows..

  • Education: Sunil Minglani has given many valuable things in the field of education, Sunil Minglani has made the concepts of stock market and trading so easy that investors and traders do not have any problem in understanding it.
  • Research: Sunil Minglani has done many such researches in his life, which helps the following investors and traders to take market trends, Sunil Minglani has decorated all his research on his YouTube channel and different social media accounts.
  • Mentorship: Sunil Minglani has given his mentorship to many investors and traders, due to which it is easy for them to make their improvements, gives guidance to the investor that always invest in long term and learn to have patience.
  • Advocacy: Sunil Minglani always advises investors and traders to stay away from unethical trading and also encourages to be honest always.
  • Community Building: Sunil Minglani has created a strong community of investors and traders through himself and the media with whom he conducts workshops and seminars across India and shares his experiences.

Sunil Minglani Net Worth: Skills and Teaching Area’s

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Seed Capital
  • intraday trading
  • Derivatives
  • Equity Research
  • Investment Banking
  • Financial Modeling
  • Elearning
  • venture capital
  • capital market
  • Financial Markets
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Education

Sunil Minglani Net Worth: Componies

Sunil Minglani Founded and Co-Founder Componies
Sunil Minglani Net Worth

Sunil Minglani Net Worth: Social Media Accounts





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FAQ About Sunil Minglani Net Worth

Que1. How much is Sunil Minglani master trader course?

Ans.   Sunil Minglani Master Trader Course price is 25,200 rupees in INR, in this course you will learn all about stock market and trading and you will get all recorded live classes and his materials.

Que2. What is the net worth of Sunil Minglani?

Ans.   Sunil Minglani net worth is approximately $40 Million, he is famous stock market educator from india.

Que.3 What is SM Calculator?

Ans.   SM calculator is a calculator that allows investors and traders to calculate their risk and reward ratio through the spreadsheet of their stock market, this makes it very easy for investors and traders to measure their losses.

Que4. How do I contact Sunil Minglani?

Ans.  If you want Sunil Minglani trading and stock market advice and consultancy services and or you want to persanol coaching from him, then you can contact him from his official website by going to fill the contact form and then his team will try to contact you as soon as possible.

Que5. Who is Sunil Minglani?

Ans.  Sunil Minglani is a well-known educator, stock market trader and invester in India, he has 27 to 28 years of experience in the stock market and trading field, thats why he has a huge fan following on is youtube channel. Sunil Minglani was born on 20 November 1973 in a poor family, his family was from Delhi India.

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