Virat Kohli Net Worth II How Virat Kohli Increase His Net Worth Upto $100 M »

Virat Kohli Net Worth II How Virat Kohli increase his net worth upto $100 M

Today I will tell you about Indian cricketer Virat Kohli Net worth and his full information like Virat Kohli career, Virat Kohli income, Virat Kohli wife, Virat Kohli cars collection, Virat kohli centuries, Virat kohli stats, virat kohli last test century, virat kohli highest score in test how he earn so much money and increase his net worth in just some time etc. Virat Kohli is the best cricketer with his mind-blowing batting and fielding this time in all three formats: ODI matches, test matches, and IPL, and surprised everyone in anger mode. We all know if Virat Kohli goes into angry mode then one will stop him that’s why we loved him so much.

Virat Kohli is the one who gains the highest income in cricket and also he earns from a lot of social media and brand promotion he is working with many companies as a brand ambassador. Virat Kohli is also investing in a big company so here is the thing Virat Kohli net worth is very good in 2023.

Virat Kohli net worth, career, life, education, wiki
Virat Kohli net worth


Name Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli Net Worth (in rupees) 1035 crore
Virat Kohli Net Worth (in Doller) $127 Million
Virat Kohli Salary 60 Crore+
Virat Kohli Monthly Income 5 Crore+
Virat Kohli Profession Cricketer, Social Media Influencer
Virat Kohli IPL Fees 15 Crore per season
Virat Kohli Investment Approximately 180+ Crore
Virat Kohli Personal Properties Approximately 45 Crore
Virat Kohli T20 Match Fees Approximately 2 Crore
Virat Kohli Match Fees Approximately 6 Crore

Virat Kohli Net Worth: 2023

As we know king Virat Kohli is very active on social media like TwitterInstagram, etc. If you talk about his followers on social media then his followers on Instagram are more than 233M and on Twitter more than 53.3M. Now according to Virat Kohli Net Worth in Rupees 2023 and we get the information released in media that Virat Kohli is the third person on Instagram after Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi who charged the highest amount per post.
According to Hooper HQ 2022 Instagram’s Richest person list we all know that Virat Kohli is now beat Priyanka Chopra and now Virat Kohli has the most followers on Instagram. Now if we count Virat Kohli Net worth in 2023, then Virat Kohli’s charge per post on Instagram is 80.90 crore rupees this is Virat Kohli’s second source of income.
If you are interested in Virat Kohli Car Collection then you must know Virat Kohli Land Rover Vogue car which is worth 2.39 crore to 3.5 crore and according to the flying news in the media, he has also more cars in his collection just like Bentley Flying Spur and it’s a price in Indian rupees 3.22 crore to 4.10crore and also he owns a more car just like Audi r8 Alex with a price range in Indian rupees 2.30crore to 2.70crore, Audi a8l w12 quattro with the price range is approximately in Indian rupees 2.00 crore.
Virat Kohli Net Worth, cars

Virat Kohli Net Worth: Cars Collection

We all know King Virat Kohli loves luxury cars and also if he knows that a new car is going to launch then he buys it. And also Virat Kohli is so Fond of Cars he has every type of car in every price, Category, Brands. If we count Under Virat Kohli Net worth of 2023 cars then he has a total of 7 Audi Q Cars which costs from 70 to 80 lakh rupees per car and he has also 5 Audi RS at the same price. So here is Virat Kohli Total Net Worth 2023 Cars Collection.

Audi-Q, 7pcs 70-80 Lakh per car Audi Audi
Audi-RS, 5 pcs 70-80 Lakh per car
Land Rover Vogue 2.39 crore crore penalty penalty penalty
Benalty Flying Spur 3.22 crore to 4.10 crore Audi
Audi R8 2.30 crore to 2.70 crore Audi
Audi A8l w12 Approximately 2 Crore
Total Cars net worth Approximately 12 Crore


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Virat Kohli Net Worth 2023 – Career:-

Now we are going to talk about Virat Kohli net worth Career as we know that Virat Kohli was born and trained in Delhi. And Virat Kohli play his first match for the Delhi under-15 team in October 2002 for Polly Omrigar Trophy and he represented his city cricket team. And then Virat Kohli was selected for the under-19 squad in July 2006 against of England team and he made his international debut, and then he was also selected for ODI Squad for the tour of Sri Lanka and also for Champion Trophy in Pakistan.

Virat Kohli Transformation
Virat Kohli net worth

He also hit a century (107 runs in 126 balls ) With his both teammates Shikhar Dhawan and Suresh Raina Against the Pakistan team in the World Cup Match, this is the first time Virat Kohli against Pakistan team, and win a match with 76 runs. After that Virat Kohli never looked backside and at that time Virat Kohli sign a big contract with IPL ( Indian Premier League ) team Royal Challengers Bangalore for $30,000.

But Virat Kohli is also a human he also makes a huge mistake and then he is out from the team for 13 months because of his failures his form is not working at that time but he is Virat Kohli he trained himself both fitness and his mind and then he has come back after 13 Months and then Virat Kohli becomes the captain of Indian Cricket team, ODI Test Match, T20 and IPL Team and also King Virat Kohli takes everyone huge respect, and if you are a fan of Virat Kohli so you know that Virat Kohli has 233 Million followers on Instagram.

Name Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli First Match Delhi Under-15 2002
Virat Kohli First Match Under-19 July 2006 vs England
Virat Kohli First ODI Debut 18 August 2008 vs Sri Lanka
Virat Kohli T20 Debut 12 June 2010 vs Zimbabwe
Virat Kohli Test Match Debut 20 June 2011 vs West Indies
Virat Kohli As a Captain December 2014 vs Australia

Virat Kohli net worth: Family

Now we are going and talking about his family details, Virat Kohli full name is Virat Prem Kohli, Prem Kohli was his father who worked as a criminal lawyer in Delhi and Saroj Kohli was his mother. And also he has an elder brother & sister Vikash Kohli and Bhavna Kohli. Virat Kohli was born on 05 November 1988, we called him his nickname Chikoo.

How Virat Kohli net worth increase $100 M II Virat Kohli Net Worth

Virat Kohli married ( 11 December 2017 ) Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma after a long time relationship and this time they have a child whose name is Vamika Kohli(2021) Virat Kohli Child name.

But before Marriage, there is someone in his life who is Virat Kohli’s first Girlfriend and his name is Izabelle Leite in 2013-14 that time their relationship is so popular and become the limelight during that time.

Virat Kohli net worth: Virat Kohli House 2023

We know that Delhi is Virat Kohli hometown city and he starts schooling at Vishal Bharti Public School Uttam Nagar Delhi.Virat Kohli has two houses one in Mumbai Bandra and another one in the Capital of India Delhi however he wants to stay in two that’s why he purchased both houses Virat Kohli makes his Delhi house just like himself cool and dashing and also attractive he changed his interior or exterior house look.

Virat Kohli House
Virat Kohli net worth

Now we are talking about his Mumbai Bandra Apartment Omkar 1973, 35 Floor which is approximately 35 crore and he is paying an interior designer up to 1.5 crores for changing his interior look in Bandra flat. Virat Kohli shifted his current address to Gurugram which is cost 80crores approximately..

Virat Kohli net worth: Virat Kohli Salary

As We know that Virat Kohli is the highest paying cricketer and a Grade A player then he gets upto 1.25 crores, these are his retainer fees on yearly basis, and for ODI matches, and T20 matches he earns upto 5 lacks, 3.5 lacks for playing a single match. According to this amount, Virat Kohli earns approximately $2M to $ 2.5M yearly, and he also adds his 5 crores as a bonus amount received before the match.

We all know that Virat Kohli is an Ambassador of many companies he earns a huge amount from brand promotion and its amount is more than 18 Crore in Indian rupees. Virat Kohli Charge more than 2 to 2.5 crore per day from brands.  Virat Kohli’s monthly income is 8 crores.


I hope now you have got all the information about Virat Kohli Net Worth from our post “Virat Kohli Net Worth and how Virat Kohli increase his net worth upto $100 Million”, if you detect any error in this report of ours, please inform us and such interesting content Stay with us for.

FAQ Related to Virat Kohli Net Worth:

When did Virat Kohli play his first match?

Ans.    Virat Kohli played his first match for the Delhi under-15 team in 2002.

What is the name of Virat Kohli’s Daughter?

Ans.    Vamika Kohli is the daughter of Virat Kohli and Anushkha Sharma

 How many matches did Virat Kohli play as a captain?

Ans      Virat Kohli Play 95 Matches as a captain of Indian Cricket Team

 How many 100 runs does Virat Kohli have?

Ans.     Total Centuries 74.


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